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This is my secret-ish journal for some of my sexy stories. Just writing them in my own journal isn't as fun as it could be, though, so I thought I'd join your community and share, as well as read all of your delicious stories! =)

Pleased to meet you...

After breakfast, he leaned across the table for a quick kiss. We were both still in our early morning frump - t-shirts and jammie pants. He kissed me a second time, deeper, and after a time, we were sweetly sitting in our respective chairs at the kitchen table, running our hands over each other and enjoying a post-eggs-&-coffee-make-out session.

We play the game nearly every day. We detach from one another and make the moves to go about our day. One of us always comes back for more. This time it was me.

He was standing, pouring some more coffee, and I pulled out his cock and sank to my knees in one swift movement. I expected him to protest, but he did not - He firmly grabbed at my tight-fitting t-shirt with one hand, under which I wore nothing but nipple rings. He pulled on one - gently at first, and then hard enough to make me cry out. His other hand around his shaft, he teased my lips just enough for me to moisten the tip of his dick. He cockslapped the left side of my face once or twice before finally allowing me to feast upon him. I relaxed my throat swallowed him until my nose touched fuzz, and I couldn't feel his 4g frenum piercing anymore. Still pulling on my nipple ring with one hand, he pushed my head firmly against him with his other, pulling back, pushing forward.

He face-fucked me until I pulled back and lifted up my shirt, sandwiching him between my tits and jacking him off that way.

Slick with spit and pre-come, he rubbed the palm of his hand over the head of his cock, which was turning a beautiful red and purple. I could feel his balls tighten against my chest and I rubbed against him as he leaned back against the kitchen sink.

He exploded thickly across my tits and both of our hands, my collar bone and the hem of his own shirt. I gently licked the semen from the head of his cock before handing him a dish towel.

I stood up, and looked out the window directly behind him.

"Um. Right in front of an open window." I laughed, and he smiled at me.

... Later I told him, "This morning? Is definitely going in the candy_face journal." He seemed pleased.

Hope you enjoy, I know I did!
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