Daniel (stories16) wrote in yoursexstory,

Short Sample

Jessica was a bored 18 year old woman. She had just been dumped by her boyfriend of 1 year, and was missing him terribly. She especially missed the amazing sex they had night after night. There was one night in particular that Jessica seemed to remember. The night that had just passed.

They had came back to Jessica's house after a nice date. They kissed and rubbed each other all over their bodies. Jessica closed her eyes as she looked back on what had happend. Her hand moving over her large round breasts, the palm of her hand massaging the nipple in small circles.
Jessica thought further back, to the point where all the clothes were tossed to the ground, and her boyfriend was feeling her up and licking her tits. Jessica bit onto her lower lip as she pinched onto her nipple, trying to feel the pressure of her boyfriend sucking on it once more. A moan slipped out from between Jessica's lips. Her right hand sliding down her chest to her pussy. She ran her middle finger up and down her slit as she imagined her finger to be her ex-boyfriends throbbing cock. It was nowhere as huge. She got up from her bed and headed to her dresser. She opened the drawer and pulled out her red vibrator. She ran back to her bed and jumped back onto it. She turned the vibrator on and smiled as she let it rub up and down her chest, slowly making its way to her wet pussy. The hum of the vibrator got louder and louder each second.
The vibration got stronger as Jessica rubbed the tip of the vibrator up and down against her clit. Rubbing in circles, and then thrusting it deep into her dripping pussy. Jessica rocked her head back and forth, sticking the vibrator deeper into her cunt each and every time. Her breathing got heavier as the vibrator was pushed deeper inside of her. She closed her eyes once more and had one more flashback. It was the thought of her boyfriend fucking her tight pussy from behind. Jessica grabbed onto her tit and began to suck and lick her nipples, pumping her tightening pussy with the red humming vibrator. The moaning became continuous, not a second passing between each moan. Her juices began flowing from her pussy as the vibrator was fully emerged into her pussy and a long loud moan was yelled. Jessica's juices were sliding down the vibrator. The vibrator easily slid out of Jessica's pussy when she pulled on it. She stuck it in her mouth, the vibrator still humming, and sucked all the juices off. She smiled and rubbed the rest of the sweet juices over her mouth and relaxed on her bed.
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