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hi! this is my first entry here, a story/fantasty that my Master and Mistress commanded me to write, as part of my punishment
(backstory) i have submitted to the will of my Master and Mistress, they have chosed that i must not touch myself until they allow it, definatly not before my visit to can read more about this in my journal.

this story is a version of what could happen when i visit

X-posted vigoursly at Master and Mistresse's request to encrease my humilliation

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i hope this pleases you
spank the kitty

Halloween Night

Last night was Halloween, so I got dressed up. I had to run some errands, and Ray said to wait for him to get home. I took a shower and put on an outfit that covered more than I'd wear around the house, but was still enough to jumpstart some pervy imaginations. I was wearing a red plaid jumper with a white lowcut lacy top underneath, black Mary Janes with 4 -inch heels and white anklets, and had my hair braided in pigtails, sort of a Catholic schoolgirl look. I was wearing a bra, because it makes my tits look better, but no panties, and the shoes forced me to walk straight, with my ass and chest stuck out, and to sway my hips as I walked.

I had to do some grocery shopping and wanted to look at cell phones, so he took me to town dressed like that. We went to Best Buy first, and I looked at phones, then he took me to the computer section to look at some programs [mostly on the bottom shelf, so I had to bend over] and and computers [I want a new laptop!]. We also went to Priscilla's, and looked at sex toys and things, but didn't buy anything this time. Then, we went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries and other things. By now, my feet were killing me in the heels, so I could only take very small steps, and he sent me all over the store looking for things. When we were done shopping, we went out for dinner, then went home.

On the way home, he was telling me how hot I looked and what he wanted to do to me, and how turned on it got him seeing the looks and reactions from other people, seeing me walking around like that. I started telling him how wet it was making me too, and what I wanted him to do to me, and reached down to stroke his dick while he was driving. It was definatley a fun ride home, and I made him cum in his jeans while I was talking and jacking him off.

It was after midnight when we got home, and he was tired and needed to sleep so he went to bed while I put the groceries up. I got undressed and got in bed with him, thinking he was asleep. I woke up a little later, because he slapped my face. He was straddling me & holding me down, fucking me in my sleep. He pulled out when he came, cumming on my body, then told me not to wipe it off, so I feel back asleep with his cum drying on my tummy and his hand on my tit. I love being wanted.
spank the kitty

I Love A Man In Leather

He told me to get dressed for him while he took a shower, so I braided my hair & put on a tight denim miniskirt with no panties, and a white t-shirt that buttons up the front and is so thin and tight you can see my nipples right through it. When he called me to him in the bedroom, he was wearing his tightest jeans, calf-high motorcycle boots, and a leather jacket with no shirt underneath. He looked hot as hell, and I could see he already had a hard on starting. He pulled me too him and kissed me roughly, and I could feel he hadn't shaved, but left his rough stubble to rub against my tender skin.

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LJ Update

I have posted a new story about my saturday evening. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Im trying to work on my writing skills, so any pointers is appreciated.

My juicy story...

Ok everybody here we gooooo....
Me and my one gringo friend you see, we were at this party, it was at his house. And I walk past his bedroom and I see this beautiful hoochie up in his bed right man. So I walk over to my friend, he was in his bathroom right?... I knock on his door and I yell, "Hey Gringo man, there's this hot hoochie in your bed man, she's naked and I think she was masturbating bra!" and he says ok. Then I go outside to take a piss and I see her from outside through the window right. Oh man this bitch was fine, she had big knockers too man, hot round ass nice and firm... at least I think it was firm and all. But anyways I see gringo go inside and she starts kissing him bra, yes, that's right, gringo was gonna be getting some tail man! So they start going at it right, he was banging her hard, her big titties were flopping everywhere man!! I almost dropped my beer at least twice! So I was all excited about it, so I started yelling "GO GRINGO, GO!!"" and the bitch got up and closed the curtains! That suck man, but hey at least I got to watch gringo and the hootchie go at it for a little bit. Me... no action, but I sure had a good time that night!
Hope you all like my story and get laid man, get the tail man.


Katherine was in her last year of high school. She needed to bring up her marks if she wanted to make it into the college she had chosen. One class she had wasnt going to allow that. Katherine was 5'6 and had dirty blonde hair, going along with her perfect blue eyes. One day, she decided she had to do something drastic to change that F to at least a B.
The next day at school, she walked down the hallways in her plaid skirt, and white button up dress shirt. Students stare as she strut down the hallways, stopping before her professors door. She pushed her black rimmed glasses further up her nose, and took a deep breath. The bell rung and students started running to their classes. Katherine watched until the coast was clear. When it was, she headed into the classroom and shut the door behind her. Professor Thompson was sitting behind his desk, scribbling something down into his small book. Katherine moved closer to the front of the desk, Professor Thompson didnt even look up to see who had entered his classroom. Katherine approached the front of the desk and slid herself onto the desk so she was sitting on it. Her skirt slowly rose up, showing some of her round butt. Professor Thompson stopped scribling and lifted his head to look Katherine in the eye.
"Is there... something i can help you with?" The professor said as he placed his pencil to the side and scanned the student.
"I'm here to ask what i could do to bring my grade up. I will do anyyything to bring it up to at least a C." Katherine smiled and lifted herself higher onto the table, pulling her skirt up more.
"What are you getting at.." The professor asked, a confused look on his face.
"What do you want me to get at..." Katherine asked, her eyes narrowing as she stared a hole through the professor. Katherine leaned off of the desk and started to unbutton her shirt in front of the desk.
"What are you doing Katherine?" The professor asked, not making an attempt to stop her from stripping down. Katherine paused at the middle of her shirt and leaned over the table.
"Anything to get my grade up..."
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