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I crave for my boyfriend to want me very much.Of course,I'm one horny person too ;P.This is my secret fantasy..My first time writing a sexy story..Comments!

*Click* *Click*
A click to close the erotic pornographic video screen. A click to turn off the vibrator logged deep inside my pussy.

A smile played on my lips. I was feeling very horny and wanted a dick in me. The vibrator i had been rubbing against my clit was just a stimulation to what I have planned for my sleeping boyfriend.My hand slipped under my own blouse and i started playing with my nipples at the thought of sex.I just can't resist sex.

Peering into the dark bedroom at the doorway,i can just make out the outline of my boyfriend's sleeping form.He looked incredibly sexy with nothing on except a pair of grey pants.My pussy ached for the dick under those folds.Without a noise and much movements,I creeped up the bed beside him.I reached over and let my fingernail flirt over his left nipples.Planting a gentle kiss on his lips,watching him in his peaceful sleep. Oh god! How much I wanted him there and then.I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

I licked his left nipple in a slow,sensual tease,at the same time tweeking his right nipple. His nipple perked hard with intend,as if wanting me to suck it hard. Not able to resist my own libido,i reached down and stroked my own wet pussy,using one finger,then two.At the same time,i Licked down sensually from his nipples to his navel.I drew a circle around his navel with my tongue,finally twirling to the hard mold covered with the grey material.A soft gasp escaped my lips.He was already aroused.My fingers moved in and out of my pussy faster.Moans of estasy ripped themselves from my mouth.I was cumming hard.

Suddenly,a strong hand grasped my hand and stopped my frantic pumping.My boyfriend was awake!He was watching me all the time,absorbing all my moans.I moaned loudly,this time for him to take me.

In one move,he flipped me over.Easing out of his grey pants,he tossed them carelessly on the bedroom floor.Along with it went my lacy bra and its matching g-string.I licked my lips with much anticipation. He shook his finger at me,teasing my stiff nipples and licking from one side to another.I was reaching climax but he pulled away and stopped all teasing.Damn.I was really sexed up.I wanted him in me.

"Please,give it to me..please baby..I want you..NOW!"

He pressed the tip of his eager,rock-hard dick against my pulsing pussy.I moaned loudly,not able to resist the sensation.He rubbed the shaft against my clit in a slow circular motion.I lifted myself up,moving in sync with his movement.

"Arggggggggggggg........." He roared.

His manly moans aroused me.Now I was mad for him.I grabbed his body and willed him to fuck me hard and take me with him.He could sense my arousal yet all he did was to tease me further.I couldn't take it anymore.I pushed him off me roughly and grabbed his dick.I have never seen it to hard before.It was nearly bursting to be touched.I gave it a few hard pull,punishing him for the ache it had caused me.My boyfriend was shocked at my display of brutalism.Rather being turned off,he was spurred to a even higher level.

I was flunked against the bed.I gasped.He was never that rough towards me before.I craved for that beastly energy from him.I struggled hard when he tried to hold me down to the bed.The strength he displayed was not normal.It was from all the stored up desire.In one swift move,he plunged his throbbing member deep inside me.I screamed as waves of pure pleasure swept through me.The first plunge was followed by furious pumping.I moaned and moaned.Not even bothering to hide my moans from the occupants of the next bedroom.He would normally ask me to keep quiet or press his lips to mine but today,he moaned right with me.

I clung onto his bedsheets.As he thrusted himself deep into me,I moved rhythematically with him.Fast,slow,fast,slow.I could feel the climax building up rapidly in me.Sensing my tensed up body,he looped his arm around my hips and brought me up into a sitting position,raising his body against mine and plunging hard into my writhing body.He pulled out his climaxing member out of me.I cupped my breasts and opened my mouth to recieve his hot cum.He shot his load all over my belly,breasts and face.I licked my lips and tasted his sweet cum.I spreaded his cum slowly over my breasts while he watched with interest.Never loosing eye contact with him,I edged closer to him and licked all the sweat on his body.

After I lapped up all of his salt water,I collasped into his arms.He smiled at me and stroked my hair while craddling me.My hand strayed over his chest and moved downwards.He was flicking his fingers over my nipples.I felt something hard pressing against the small of my back.I flipped around and saw his hardening member.The night is just getting more and more exciting.
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