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hi! this is my first entry here, a story/fantasty that my Master and Mistress commanded me to write, as part of my punishment
(backstory) i have submitted to the will of my Master and Mistress, they have chosed that i must not touch myself until they allow it, definatly not before my visit to can read more about this in my journal.

this story is a version of what could happen when i visit

X-posted vigoursly at Master and Mistresse's request to encrease my humilliation

As I sat on the coach finishing my lines I hoped they were neat enough, the movement of the coach had made it hard, especially since my handwriting wasn’t the best, and I knew there would be a price to pay if they were unsatisfactory.
Between the lines and the frequent texts from both Master Alexander and Mistress Jennifer I had been writhing in my seat for the entire journey. I was glad to finally get off the coach, as they walked towards me they appraised me, making sure I was wearing the outfit chosen. Standing there in the cold I was very glad I’d been allowed to wear underwear, even if begging for it had earned me extra punishment, and even if they were only the very lacy ones.
They embraced me, kissing and groping, Master Alexander’s hand creeping under my skirt to check that I’d obeyed. I saw the smile on his face when he felt how wet I was and he quickly encouraged Mistress Jennifer to feel for herself, right there at the bus stop.
I baulked feeling her hand go under my skirt and moved away from her.
“Are you disobeying me?”
“No Mistress”
“Then stand completely still”
“Yes Mistress”
Again her hand found its way under my skirt, this time into my panties; although she could have told before that they were soaked. I tried my hardest to keep still but as I felt her fingers I couldn’t help but rock my hips
“Disobeying again, dear me you really will need to be taught a lesson…now what sort of lesson would you learn from…” her fingers crept closer to my ass. “I think I know exactly what would teach you a lesson” her finger pushed into me and I yelped “now isn’t it nice to know what’s in store?” she asked withdrawing the finger as the bus arrived
Once on the bus they proceeded to taunt me, kissing touching themselves in ways I could only dream of, reaching over to grope or pinch me when they felt like it, keeping me in constant suspense for the entire journey. On the way Mistress Jennifer let it be known that her parents weren’t going to be home, I moaned in anticipation, surely this meant? Well, I would find out.
As soon as we got indoors Master Alexander commanded me to strip and led me upstairs, whilst Mistress Jennifer disappeared with my clothes. Once in the bedroom he made me kneel and await my Mistress, it seemed the first surprise was to be hers.
She entered the room “have you been good?”
“Yes Mistress”
“I don’t think you have, are you lying to me?”
“No Mistress I-”
“And interrupting, you will have to be punished”
“Let’s see how much you’ve learnt”
Moving in front of me she held Zoë to my lips, at first she was still but as soon she began to thrust her into my mouth. I couldn’t help it, I gagged
“Oh dear, you haven’t learnt much have you? Looks like you’re going to need much more practise. But for now I do believe you have a couple of punishments due”
The first was from Master Alexander I was given 20 hard swats with the crop, for disobedience early in the week, and another 10 to show how much he loved me. I was crying out by the end of it, squirming to avoid the blows. Mistress Jennifer looked down at me
“What do you say to your Master?”
“Thank you Master Alexander”, I gasped between breaths
“Hmmm that doesn’t sound like you’re very thankful, I think you should show your appreciation in a more physical way”
Master Alexander straddled my face and put my tongue to work, the taste of him was maddeningly arousing and I was aching to be touched. Mistress Jennifer continued speaking “whilst you show how thankful you are you can continue with your punishments, you earned this one earlier by disobeying me”
My heart sunk, I knew what she was about to do, I tried to writhe free but Master Alexander grasped my head firmly pushing me deeper between his legs. I felt one lubed, gloved finger enter my ass, then another, then a third, suddenly I grasped how wrong I’d been about my punishment, I wasn’t just in for anal, she was intending to fist me. I resumed my struggles
“tut tut, you know that every time you struggle you’re making it worse for yourself in the long run…one more hour maybe…or another beating…or something more…interesting” a fourth finger
The last made me freeze, I knew she had something planned
As the thumb breached me she began to move spreading her fingers bit by bit, my moans were muffled, but still audible, and they were joined my Master Alexander’s, after what felt like hours he released my head and Mistress Jennifer withdrew her hand oh so slowly, just so she could hear the whimpers I made.
For a while I just lay there, unable to move, Master Alexander also seemed unwilling to leave the bed, Mistress Jennifer on the other hand…
“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that Lila, I can see how wet you are from here. In fact I think maybe you enjoyed that rather too much for it to count as a punishment. I know what will though” she brought her still gloved hand round in front of my face
My face must have shown my horror
“The longer you hesitate the longer I’m going to keep you doing this”
I began to lick and suck at her fingers
“good girl, get them all clean” she began to push her fingers further into my mouth, “now we just have to rid you of this pesky gag reflex and you might one day make a passable slave”
Her probing fingers made me gag, once twice, three times, then she withdrew. Meanwhile Master Alexander was examining the welts on my ass, squeezing and punishing at them, seemingly enjoying the sounds I couldn’t help but make. His fingers travelled lower, examining my abused asshole and then my wet pussy. His fingers so close yet not touching. I squirmed trying to push myself onto those teasing fingers, but he kept moving them just out of range. He seemed to enjoy this little game, teasing me for quite some time and swapping places with Mistress Jennifer to hold me still whilst she played. I was sobbing by the time she decided to stop
“Are you just going to play with me all night Mistress?”
“Yes my little toy, that is exactly what we are going to do, for this entire weekend, you are our toy to play with as we see fit”
“Please let me come Mistress, please, I can’t bear it”
“Oh I think you can, and you will”
A noise of pure frustration escaped me
“Now, you must be thirsty, come downstairs and we’ll get you a drink”
I made a move to stand
“Uh uh you are to remain on your knees my pet”
She reached around my neck and fastened a collar
Pulling on the lease she encouraged me to crawl on all fours down the stairs and into the kitchen. Master Alexander making appreciative noises and taking occasional swats at my ass.
Once in the kitchen it was much colder, and I said as much.
“Awww, is our little pet cold” said Master Alexander condescendingly, “lets do something about that then” he walked to the back door and opened it wide. “I think we’ll take our drinks into the garden”

Mistress Jennifer followed us with a tray; on it were two glasses and a bowl, as well as various bottles. I was allowed to kneel, but Master Alexander quickly cuffed my wrists behind my back. Mistress Jennifer poured drinks and set mine before me in a bowl.
“Drink it all up like a good girl”
To drink I had to bend at the waist, leaving my behind vulnerable to whatever Master and Mistress desired, at first they were content to “accidentally” spill their ice cold drinks on me, and on themselves which I had to lick off, but then Master Alexander had an idea. He slipped two ice cubes inside of me and told me to clench, holding them in until they were melted. The cold was excruciating but I had no choice but to obey. My thighs, already cold from how wet they were before, now had the added torture of icy water running down them, as well as over my clit. Mistress Jennifer decided to make my task even harder by rubbing an ice cube over my nipples, and pinching them, making me gasp and almost loose the ice. When it was finally melted I was allowed back indoors, and very thankful I was to be there!
“Are you cold pet?” Mistress Jennifer asked
I nodded vigorously, “yes Mistress”
“Shall we play with something that will warm you up?”
I was apprehensive now, what did she have in mind? I didn’t have to wait long to find out. She led me back up to the bedroom where Master Alexander had been busy lighting candles. She made me lie down on the bed and they proceeded to drip molten wax onto my shivering body. The contrast in temperatures was overwhelming and the sensation turned me on so much that I was quickly moaning my appreciation, once again begging for release.
“You want to be touched?”
“Yes Mistress”
“You want to be allowed to come?”
“Yes Master”
“You want us to pleasure you?”
“Please Mistress, please!” I was truly begging now, stumbling in my efforts to express my desire
“Well you have been very good this afternoon, and I know it won’t be hard to get you back to this state, will it? You do get turned on rather easily you know”
I mewled at that, not wishing to contradict her this close to getting what I wanted.
“Oh dear, you seem almost pained, this really is hard for you, isn’t it? What do you think Master Alex, does she deserve to be put out of her misery?”
I held my breath, prayed for him to say yes
“Hmmmmm, maybe, if she does one last thing”
“What Master? What?”
“It’s not a hard task; you’ve done it many times before”
“What do I have to do Master?”
“Walk to the bus stop and back”
I was shocked; surely he didn’t expect me to walk done the street entirely naked? In broad daylight”
“I’d hurry if I was you; people will be getting home from work and school on the next bus, whole big crowds of them”
I stood up slowly, the last of the wax cracking and dropping from my body, and walked towards the door
“you’ve got ten minutes until the next bus comes, and your Mistress and I will be watching from the front door, remember I said walk, not run, stand up straight so we can see you properly”
He gave my ass a squeeze as he gently pushed me out the door, and I turned to walk down the road. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, at every moment I was convinced a neighbour would pop out and see me, I made it to the bus stop and turned around quickly, eager to be indoors again as fast as possible, the urge to run back was so tempting, but I knew I wouldn’t get my reward if I did. Finally I made it back to the house.
“That wasn’t so hard was it pet, you did very well. I think you fully deserve what you’re about to get”
They led me back to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. The first thing I felt were Master Alexander’s fingers on my clit, massaging and stroking as the fingers of his other hand entered me. I moaned in pleasure, pressing myself down onto his hand, Mistress Jennifer began to kiss me, her hands roaming over my breasts, as she kissed down my body, Master Alexander began to move up, they met at my midriff and shared a passionate kiss, his hands left me, but I didn’t have much time to complain as Mistress Jennifer’s head was between my legs her talented tongue and mouth being used to their best advantage. I could feel the orgasm building, up and up, she played with me, slacking off and changing her rhythm so I wouldn’t come, bringing me almost to the edge and then retreating to let it build in an even larger crescendo. Master Alexander wasn’t idle, he was kissing and caressing me, lightly dragging nails over oh so sensitive spots, contributing to my increasing loss of coherence. I finally I could bear it no longer
“please Mistress” I begged, and continued begging right up until the orgasm overwhelmed me in a wave of pleasure, and then a second and a third, as the multiple orgasm flooded me I sank into a warm contented space, safe in the arms of my lovers.
“Was that worth waiting for?” Mistress asked, before we all sank into sleep.

i hope this pleases you
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