spankthekitty (spankthekitty) wrote in yoursexstory,

Halloween Night

Last night was Halloween, so I got dressed up. I had to run some errands, and Ray said to wait for him to get home. I took a shower and put on an outfit that covered more than I'd wear around the house, but was still enough to jumpstart some pervy imaginations. I was wearing a red plaid jumper with a white lowcut lacy top underneath, black Mary Janes with 4 -inch heels and white anklets, and had my hair braided in pigtails, sort of a Catholic schoolgirl look. I was wearing a bra, because it makes my tits look better, but no panties, and the shoes forced me to walk straight, with my ass and chest stuck out, and to sway my hips as I walked.

I had to do some grocery shopping and wanted to look at cell phones, so he took me to town dressed like that. We went to Best Buy first, and I looked at phones, then he took me to the computer section to look at some programs [mostly on the bottom shelf, so I had to bend over] and and computers [I want a new laptop!]. We also went to Priscilla's, and looked at sex toys and things, but didn't buy anything this time. Then, we went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries and other things. By now, my feet were killing me in the heels, so I could only take very small steps, and he sent me all over the store looking for things. When we were done shopping, we went out for dinner, then went home.

On the way home, he was telling me how hot I looked and what he wanted to do to me, and how turned on it got him seeing the looks and reactions from other people, seeing me walking around like that. I started telling him how wet it was making me too, and what I wanted him to do to me, and reached down to stroke his dick while he was driving. It was definatley a fun ride home, and I made him cum in his jeans while I was talking and jacking him off.

It was after midnight when we got home, and he was tired and needed to sleep so he went to bed while I put the groceries up. I got undressed and got in bed with him, thinking he was asleep. I woke up a little later, because he slapped my face. He was straddling me & holding me down, fucking me in my sleep. He pulled out when he came, cumming on my body, then told me not to wipe it off, so I feel back asleep with his cum drying on my tummy and his hand on my tit. I love being wanted.
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