spankthekitty (spankthekitty) wrote in yoursexstory,

I Love A Man In Leather

He told me to get dressed for him while he took a shower, so I braided my hair & put on a tight denim miniskirt with no panties, and a white t-shirt that buttons up the front and is so thin and tight you can see my nipples right through it. When he called me to him in the bedroom, he was wearing his tightest jeans, calf-high motorcycle boots, and a leather jacket with no shirt underneath. He looked hot as hell, and I could see he already had a hard on starting. He pulled me too him and kissed me roughly, and I could feel he hadn't shaved, but left his rough stubble to rub against my tender skin.

When we got to the bedroom, he let me kiss him and nuzzle his neck, and run my hands all over his body, and he let me kneel at his feet. I'd had my mind on those boots all day, so I dropped to my knees and began licking his boots, and sucking on them, so he could feel my lips and tongue through the leather. I could hear him moan as I moved my head up his legs towards his inner thigh, and after I while I move up to his crotch. Staying on my knnes, I unzipped hi pants, and asked for permission to sick his dick. He said yes, and I wrapped my lips around it, sucking on him as he pushed my head down and slammed his cock down my throat. I could tell he was getting weak-kneed, and my knees were sore themselves.

He told me to stand up and strip, then kicked his boots off and told me to take off his jeans, then put the boots back on him. I did so, kneeling in the floor again to lick and kiss the leather. He laid back on the bed, wearing only the boots and his leather jacket, and I straddled him, naked, not yet fucking, but grinding my smooth wet pussy against him while I ran my hands over his body, and he pulled on my tits and bit and pinched my nipples. He had me lean over and suck his dick some more, and I flet him cum in my mouth.

Then, he told me to lay on my back. He ran his soft dick across my lips and face and told me to suck him until he got hard again. He got on top of me in 69 position, licking my cunt while I sucked his dick. HE likes this position because it pins my body down and stops me from resisting or pulling back as he shoves his cock down my throat. He face-fucked me like this for a long time, eating me out and reaching back occasionally to pinch a nipple as he did this. I coulkd harldy breath and swallow his cum at the same time, and there were a few times I thought I was going to gag because he forced me to deep throat him before I could catch my breath.

When he was done fucking my face, and hard once again, he told me to get up on all fours. He fucked me doggystyle, spanking my ass and pulling my hair & grabbing my tits to pull me to him, until it was hard for either of us to stay in that position, then he told me to roll over. He put a pillow under my ass and help my legs up over his shoulders, so he could slam deep into my pussy. It hurt for a little while, and that position always leaves me sore, but it felt great once I got used to having a big hard cock so deep inside my cunt, and I came from his rough fucking. He could feel my whole body tense and shake, so he let me lower my legs some while he finished fucking me, playing with my tits & slapping my face, telling me what a dirty slut I was, until he felt him cum inside my sore pussy.

He grabbed my braids and brought my face to him, making me suck all of our cum off his dick before he laid back down. Then he laid behind me, with his dick resting in the crack of my ass and his arms around me, one hand on my breast. We fell asleep like that, him reaching up to pinch a nipple or me grinding my body against him, knowing that we'd have to wait another day to continue.
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