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School starts at 8:00 in the morning, and it was already 8:20. Joe was running to school, leftover rain drying up on the grey asphalt. Joe's brown short hair bounced as he ran faster, each time, strands of hair getting in the way of his vision. The school was just ahead, the bell had already rung and the ony thing he could see were cars parked where the busses would have been. Joe didnt want to be late for his first day of his new class. He was actually really excited about the new class. It was on his favorite subject, sex.

Joe arrived at the school and ran through the hallways, his DC shoes squishing his wet blue pants against the floor. he slid across the floor as he made the turns into the other hallways. Joe stopped in front of a large tan colored door. he peeped inside through the window in the middle of the door. The teacher was already writing things on the board, and the students were at their desks writing notes down. Joe sighed and pressed his forehead against the door. he turned the handle to the door, and headed inside. the class looked up at the stranger as he entered. the teacher, Ms. M, stared at the wet boy and then looked at the clock.
"You are late.. Very late. Take your seat and stay after class. you have some notes to make up.." Ms M said. Joe turned and walked to the back of the class to the only empty desk available. he looked around and observed his surroundings. a couple girls in his class but mostly men. then his attention shifted to Ms. M. She was one of the most beautiful teachers he had seen. She was dressed in all black. a black button up shirt, going down to her hips. her hips were hugged tightly by her black skirt. she placed the chalk down and brushed off her hands before straightening her skirt out. she smiled at the class and pushed her black rimmed glasses further up onto her nose. she had dirty blonde hair, neatly held up by a hair clip. Joe lay his head down on the desk and let himself fall asleep to the sound of Ms M's voice.
The loud ring of the bell woke joe up. he jumped in his desk and shook his head. he looked from left to right, waiting for his eyesite to become clear. he wiped the sleep out of his eyes and stood up and began to follow the other children out of the classroom. as soon as he reached the door Ms. M called his name out.
"Sit down.." Ms M said as she sat at her desk, writing something in her brown colored grade book. joe walked back in from the doorway and took a seat in the front row, middle desk, right in front of the teachers desk. joe wondered what type of punishment he was going to get from his new teacher. Ms. M stood up and leaned over her desk staring at joe, watching his every move.
"Remove your pants.." Ms. M said as she stared at joe more.
"W-W-What did you say?" Joe stuttered. he thought he had been hearing things.. did his teacher really tell him to take his pants off?
"Take off your pants and sit on the desk. This is your first lesson, pleasing your partner. which will be, me." Ms. M smirked as she started to unbutton her shirt. Joe looked like he had been shot. his face went pale, but of course he wasnt going to pass up this opportunity. he stood up and unbuttoned his pants as he walked towards the desk, just like the teacher instructed. "Good. Now.." Ms. M's shirt slid off her shoulders and she was now removing her bra. "Now, im going to teach you a couple of positions. some you have probably heard of before." Joe unzipped his pants and pushed them to the floor, sitting on the top of the desk in his black boxers. Ms M stood before joe and then pushed him down onto the desk, joe was now laying horizontally on the desk, and his heart was beating heavily.
Ms M crawled onto the desk, over joes dick and slowly moved down, inserting joe into her tight pussy. she moaned when joe fully entered her. Ms. M rubbed joes chest as she began to give instructions "Now.. im going to start. this is girl on top. often refered to as the cowgirl position. all i want you to do, is touch me everywhere you can." joe nodded as Ms M began to grind herself down onto joes cock. joe clutched onto the sides of the desk as Ms. M started to moan. joe remembered being instructed to touch Ms. M everywhere he could. He released his death hold on the sides of the desk and began to squeeze her breasts. Ms. M grinded harder with each squeeze joe gave her. joe began to gasp for air, he had never done this type of thing before. Ms. M began to bounce on joes cock. joe looked down and watched as his cock disappeared into Ms. M's pussy. Ms. M's breasts bounced up and down quickly, she moaned and winced as she felt the hardend cock force its way inside of her pussy, going further each time.
"Mmmmmm okay.. now.. we will do the reverse cowgirl..." Ms. M spun around and started pushing back against joes cock, joe reached out and rubbed Ms. M's ass, squeezing it and slapping it as she rode his cock. the desk began squeaking and sliding back with each thrust she gave joe. joe started moaning out to Ms. M and Ms. M grasped onto the end of the desk as she forced the cock further into her pussy, she rotated her hips with each bounce so she felt the throbbing cock against her clit.
"Oooohhhhh mmmmmmmmm god..." Ms. m moaned out as she squeezed her breasts and sucked on the nipples.
Ms. M took the throbbing wet cock out of her and jumped to the ground, she got onto her knee's and pulled joe up. "Now... Oral sex. Very pleasurable.." she winked at joe and began to lick the shaft of his cock, licking up all the juices she had left on it. she wrapped her lips around the head and then began bobbing up and down slowly. joe closed his eyes and smiled as he felt Ms. M's tongue swirling around the tip of the head. Ms. M thrusted her head down and began to suck, the shaft of joes cock being massaged by Ms. M's tongue. Joe moaned out and began to shiver, as Ms. M bobbed faster and faster, squeezing onto joes balls. Joe grabbed onto the desk and squeezed as he shot his load of white hot cum into the teachers mouth. he exhaled sharply as cum squirt from the head of his dick into Ms M's throat. Ms. M smiled and licked the cock clean of the cum and swallowed it all. Ms. M pulled joe down and made him kneel down.
"Now you are going to eat me out.. just stick your tongue out and lick my pussy. if you think you can, find my clit and stimulate it.. it will drive me crazy." Ms. M smiled and leaned back onto the desk. Joe was feeling confident in himself and decided to go along with it. he stuck his tongue out and licked up and down Ms. M's pussy folds, reaching up and massaging her breasts as his tongue left fresh saliva along her pussy. Ms. M moaned and bucked hard, pushing joes face into her pussy more. joe slid his tongue into Ms. M's pussy slightly and then sucked on her pussy lips. he tugged on them and nibbled on them slowly. he flicked his tongue against the folds as he nibbled on them lightly.
"Ooooohhhh!!! Joeeee!!!" Ms. M moaned out as she reached down and grasped onto joes brown hair. he stopped nibbling on the folds and decided to lick the her clit. he slid his tongue into her pussy and let it wander inside of her. he felt something throbbing against his tongue, and he knew that it was her clit. joe smiled and rubbed his tongue up against the throbbing clit. Ms M shivered in pleasure once he hit it. joe rubbed Ms. M's clit all over, and swirled his tongue around it as she did his cock. juices slowly leaked from Ms. M's pussy onto joes chin and down his neck. joe pushed his face harder against Ms. M's pussy and exposed the clit. he wrapped his lips around it and sucked on it hard, and pinching it between his teeth.
"Mmmmmmmm Im cumming baby!!!" Ms. M moaned out as she let her juices flow all over joes face. joe had her cum all over his face, but continued to lick. Ms. M tried to catch her breath as she toyed around with joes hair. she smiled as joe licked up her pussy one last time and then stood up in front of her.
"Good work joe. very good work." Ms. M smiled at joe and he smiled back. that was the first day joe learned anything important in school.
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