bansheegrrl (bansheegrrl) wrote in yoursexstory,

You woke me up from a delicious nap. i dreamt of riding horses with You. i was impaled on Your cock and the rocking of the horse shoved You in and out of my cunt.

"Bitch" Your voice rang in my ear.

i jerked to find my head pinned to the pillow by Your fist in my hair. What had i done wrong? my first instinct was to get away, but You stopped me.

"Move and it will go worse for You, cunt. Who were You dreaming about?"

"You, My Lord, You." Your fist released my hair slightly so that i could turn to look into Your eyes. That was when i saw Your grin.

"Beast!" i laughingly hit at You. You had done it again. Put me into sub space just with Your voice and a handful of hair.

"Wanna play do you?"

Your hand hit my neck hard. i could feel my breath being cut off, but the sound of You unzipping Your jeans was heaven to me. i tried to hold on. i wanted to feel You drive into me, but You relentlessly pressed those points until i heard that familiar buzzing. Then everything went black.

Moments? later i gasped awake. Your face clenched above me. You pounded Your cock into me. i knew You knew i was awake when i felt the choke chain on my neck tighten slightly.

"I want to see your eyes while I fuck You, slut. Look at me."

i had to obey. i had to drown myself in Your green eyes and watch them turn smokey as You neared Your own climax. i wanted to throw my head back and scream in ecstasy as You pulled me over that cliff with You, but i couldn't. i'd been given an order. i had to stay with You.

Your balls hit my ass over and over as my clit got scraped raw by You. i could feel my cunt clenching at Your cock trying to drag You in even deeper. Then i heard You groan. i saw the flash in Your eyes and knew it was time to get ready.

You slammed Your hand down over my mouth and nose with one finger hooked into the choke collar. i felt it draw tighter and tighter as You moved faster and harder into me. i wrapped my legs around You as my nails dug deep into Your shoulders. Then You screamed into my face.

"Look at me. Look at me now. I own you. You are my property. I fucking own you, bitch."

Your hot cum drenched me. i felt it flowing out of my cunt to soak the bed and my ass. You grinned down at me as You loosened the collar and moved Your hand.

"Turn over, sweetheart. I want to try something new."
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